Learn, grow and level up by taking a course

This is the season to dig deeper and invest some time and energy into our spiritual walk with Jesus. We’d love to invite you to join us on Monday nights as we host some brand new courses to help you grow in your faith and knowledge of God.

The Prayer Course

We’re talking about how to experience awe and intimacy with God in our Prayer course with Ps Aidan Roberts. Expect to go deeper and draw nearer in your devotional life.

Length: 4 weeks
Date: Launching Monday 9th November 2020
Cost: £18

Course overview

  1. Desiring and Understanding Prayer – investigating why the inclination to pray is within us but the doing can often be so difficult. How can we learn to grow in prayer?
  2. Learning Prayer – Following guides laid out in Scripture and proven through centuries of experience to start our conversation with God.
  3. Deepening Prayer – Having life changing encounters with God.
  4. Doing Prayer – Developing habits and practices that will help you to pray every day.
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