Join the team

It takes many hands and many gifts to build the kingdom of God. We’re so grateful for the many volunteers who embody the spirit of Christ through hard work, serving and generosity of time. And yet perhaps the greatest work of God is his work in us. Joining a team is about creating space for God to work through and in us.

Here are some ways you could jump on board:

Content creation

There is so much space in the digital world to amplify the word of God through fresh design, new expression and clever communication. Whether you’re a whizz with words, know your Photoshop from your photoshoot, or you’re simply got a great eye for what works – this could be for you. Think creating content and posts for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and even our own blog.

Media production

With the emergence of online church, video editing with programmes such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects has never been a more fun way to build church and encourage others with our gifts. From capturing footage for preaches, adverts and testimonies, there are so many ways to use your creative skills to glorify the name of Jesus.


It has been said that beauty itself is healing. Why else did God create the wonderful gift of music? As we create a beautiful sound for his glory, we know that we are tangibly changing the spiritual atmosphere of our nation and nations, bringing wholeness, peace and strength to our world. If you’re a musician, singer or gifted to produce music then this could be for you. We’re looking for talent (both untapped and fulfilled) but more importantly a heart to worship God.

Online engagement

Our heart is to create real relationships and tangible connection. To do this digitally can be hard but our online engagement team is all about personalising everything that we do. From online hosts who welcome new people and pray for needs each Sunday to ambassadors who are ¬†encouraging and reposting social media content. There’s plenty of space to be involved and people to love!

There's plenty to get involved in

There are so many more ways to be a part of serving one another and building God’s church. If you’re not sure what your fit is or you have any other ideas then let us know. Reach out below to join a team.

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